Happy 2018!

Dear INYS friends,

First of all, I would like to wish you all a fruitful, healthy and most important, a happy 2018!

Now that the year has come to an end, I can say 2017 has been a pleasant and constructive year for the INYS. Even though we are still in a learning process we have managed to connect many young Dutch and Indonesians while informing organisations and the public about Indonesia and the Netherlands.

In 2017, the INYS had been invited more than once to join or to jointly organize events with other organizations. We are grateful to these organizations for their trust in the INYS and are looking forward to continuing working together in Indonesia and the Netherlands in 2018. Our special thanks go to: Indonesia Nederland Society, Indonesia Diaspora Network, Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Belanda, Indo Business Club, Nuffic Neso Indonesia, and the Frans Seda Foundation.

The end of 2017 also marks the beginning of our fifth year of operations in the Netherlands. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by, as I still remember chairing our first board meeting back in 2013 like it was yesterday. Looking back at these years, I can proudly say that more than 50 team members and even more volunteers have worked on almost a hundred events in both Indonesia and the Netherlands! All these talented individuals have contributed to the INYS in their own unique way and have made the INYS, the organization it is today! As many organizations, we have had our ups and downs throughout the years, but we have managed to overcome all challenges by working together and by supporting one another when needed.

Over the past years we have organized various types of events, ranging from very informal social gatherings to very formal discussions or lectures. We have created a few returning events while always keeping an eye out for new opportunities. Our social drinks, both in Indonesia and the Netherlands, continue to attract many young people on a quarterly basis. Our event “Meet a Leader of Today as a Leader of Tomorrow” has produced a platform where the leaders of tomorrow generate creative ideas with the leaders of today. After meeting with Retno Marsudi, Frans Timmermans, Dian Ediono and Berte Simons we are excited to organize new editions with new leaders in 2018 in both Indonesia and the Netherlands. Moreover, our Dutch Language School aims to teach Dutch to Indonesian students and our Speaking Competition aims to stimulate young Dutch to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. These events have also proven to be great tools to create opportunities for young people.

In 2018, INYS-Nederland will be led by Yati Kruyt and Nathan Spiro. Yati is an active and bright individual with roots in Indonesia who just started working as a management assistant for the city of The Hague. Nathan just returned from Indonesia after finishing his Master research at Tilburg University on a Frans Seda Scholarship. In Jakarta, INYS-Indonesia will be led by Kevin Wardhana and Stefan Luiken. Kevin recently returned to Indonesia after studying in the Netherlands to pursue a career at PT Damen Schelde while Stefan is currently studying Bahasa Indonesia at Atma Jaya University on a Darmasiswa scholarship while doing an internship at Indomaret. Both our teams in the Netherlands and Indonesia are excited to start working on creating new opportunities for young Dutch and Indonesians in 2018. I trust that they will be successful and cooperative because they have shown great talent and enthusiasm for further developing the INYS.

For me personally it has again been a privilege to work with a team that consists of highly motivated and enthusiastic students and young professionals who all do this on a voluntary basis next to their college education or work. Therefore, I would like to thank all Board Members, Trustees and Junior Advisors in both Indonesia and the Netherlands for their commitment and hard work for the INYS in 2017. Simultaneously I would like to welcome Nathan, Sebastiaan, Merie, Lennart, Kevin, Stefan, Intan, Yulia, Maris and Maarten to the INYS family. I am looking forward to work together in 2018 with all of you to continue realizing our goal of creating a bright future for Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Since this year we will celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we will welcome 2018 with a new team, a new website and a new logo! In addition to that, we will also organize a few special events to celebrate this milestone together with you. After four exciting years I am more than positive that 2018 will be successful! I am looking forward to seeing you all again in the future at our events in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Starting with the social drinks in Jakarta on the 26th of January and the 9th of February in Den Haag!

Best wishes,

Rennie Roos

Founder & Chair Board of Trustees INYS