INYS Co-Creation Day

Co-Creation Day – 11 November

We need you at the ‘INYS Co-Creation Day’! At this event we can all get together for fun and a little bit of work 😉

During the Co-Creation Day, held between 10:00 and 16:00 hours, you can contribute to current and future projects by the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society by sharing your ideas and expertise. At 16:00 we’ll close the event with a relaxing and social get together: a great opportunity to connect with (other) INYS friends.

Expect brainstorm sessions, workshops and product creation, but keep an eye on our website if you want to view the whole program as this will be published soon.



Café Het Gegeven Paard

Vredenburgkade 11

3511 WC, Utrecht

The event is open for everyone who has INYS in their heart. Experience how it’s like to volunteer for INYS for a day, no strings attached!

This is your chance to contribute. Ayo, ikutlah!

P.S.: Jangan lupa: bring your own device


The Programme

concretion day program