INYS Speaking Competition a great success

On June 9, we organized our 4th annual speaking competition in The Hague! This competition stands in a beautiful tradition of which all the INYS boards had pressed its marks on. This year we wanted to keep it simple in order to keep attention to the speakers and our ultimate goal: to connect students and young professionals in speaking Bahasa Indonesia together.

This year’s group of contestants had a great diversity: both students and young professionals coming from different places spread across the country and all of them having a connection with Indonesia. The eight contestants learned Bahasa Indonesia in different ways and we admire their confidence to have spoken up about issues that are important to them. We are happy that again we brought together so much talented young people, who were able to share their ideas and experiences in studying and speaking Bahasa Indonesia as a foreign language.

The contestants spoke on topics concerned with ‘unity through diversity’ and two winners won the prize for ‘Best Speech’ and ‘Most Creative Speech’. The speech by Simon Gurmu had blown us away for his smooth style and excellent control of Bahasa Indonesia. The speech by Rick Sluis, who won the prize for the most creative speech, made us think deeper about issues that affect Indonesia and was very rich in its affinity to these topics. We hope the winners will have a great time in Indonesia and we are looking forward to them sharing their experiences with us, so we will keep you updated about this!

Underneath an impression of the Speaking Competition: