INYS Language School

By joining the INYS Language School, you will obtain a big plus besides getting to know the Dutch and Indonesian language: you will get to know the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society and its members too! It’s a mixture of Dutch-Indonesian students and young professionals with Indonesian roots. We have either studied and worked in Indonesia, or were born and partially raised there. Practicing a new language whilst making new friends with a common background thus makes it more fun and enjoyable!


Currently we are receiving registrations for the Intermediate Level Indonesian Language School, starting from October 5 2019.


Please register yourself through the following link: before October 2 2019.


Any questions? You can send us an e-mail at


10 weeks, starting from 5 October. Every Saturday at 15:00 - 17:00


€7,5/hour, including course materials (total €150)


The Hague


Our advanced level class is designed for students who have studied Indonesian before and want to practice their Indonesian.


Students are expected to have been familiar with Indonesian basic structures such as: the subject and predicates in a complete sentence, negations (tidak/bukan), preposition (di/ke/dari), verbal prefixes (meN-/ber-), reduplication (makan-makan), question markers (apa/bagaimana), and temporal markers (sudah/belum, masih/akan).


Students also need to have mastered Indonesian basic words since our focus is to provide more chances to practice in conversations or presentations.