Leer Indonesisch

Indonesian Language Courses

You want to learn Indonesian? The INYS is working hard to offer you a practical Indonesian language course to help you get adjusted to Indonesian life. The INYS stimulates young Dutch and Indonesians to network and improve relations between country and culture. At the end of INYS’ practical Indonesian language course you can communicate in Indonesian on an intermediate level. Besides learning the language and culture, you also make friends with the INYS members. Together we will do fun activities such as joining the social gatherings.


Why join the INYS Language School

By joining the INYS Language School, you will obtain a big plus besides getting to know the Indonesian language: you will get to know the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society and its members too! It’s a mixture of Dutch-Indonesian students and young professionals with Indonesian roots or an interest in Indonesia. They have either studied and worked in Indonesia, or were born and partially raised there. Practicing the Indonesian language whilst making new friends with a common background makes it more fun and enjoyable! In short: we want to make your learning experience more fun by offering you the maximum INYS experience.




The INYS Language School lasts ten weeks. There are nine lessons. In the tenth week, there will be an exam. After having completed the exam, you will receive a certificate of graduation.



€15 for each lesson (€150 for 10 lessons in total) incl. certificate of graduation after having completed the exam.



Let us inform you

We can update you once we are sure that we can offer you the Indonesian language courses. You can help us making this an easy task for us by clicking on the button below and inserting your contact details in the form: