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Speaking Competition Bahasa Indonesia 2018

The Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS) proudly announces the ‘INYS Speaking Competition 2018’! This event is organised by the INYS and hosted by the Indonesian Embassy on June 9 at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. The speaking competition gives you the opportunity to excel in Bahasa Indonesia, meet new friends and win a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The prize for the two winners will be a trip to Indonesia from August 14 to August 21! You will visit Indonesia together with a group of 42 people from 21 countries. In Indonesia you will have the opportunity to receive an official UKBI diploma for language proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia. There will also be an opportunity to join a debate and language competition. The highlight of your trip will be celebrating the Indonesian Independence Day in Jakarta at the Merdeka Palace. Other activities will include participating in festivities and  tours that have a cultural and touristic nature.  

During the Speaking Competition you will have 7 minutes to talk about a topic themed ‘Unity through Diversity’ (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika). The aim of the Speaking Competition is to make you feel comfortable using the Indonesian language. It is a process where you study the language while you can also meet others who go through that same process. The most important thing is that we all have fun!


Why should you apply?

✶ Gain and develop your public speaking skills through a public speaking workshop organised by an enthousiastic professional
✶ Practice your Bahasa Indonesia and receive guidance in fine tuning your speech
✶ Meet other Indonesia-minded students and professionals and develop your network
✶ Be part of the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society and meet the young Dutch and Indonesians of today as the leaders of tomorrow
✶ Last but not least, we will choose two winners (best speech and most creative). As a winner you will be part of an International Youth Delegation (under supervision of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture) who will attend the Independence Day Ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on August 17, 2018!



There is no participation fee! Also we will provide participants with drinks and meals.


Registration and selection

The criteria for the participants are (depending on the amount of applications we might be able to leave out a few of these criteria. Therefore, we recommend you to still apply even though you don’t seem to meet all of the criteria!):

1) Bahasa Indonesia is not your native language.

2) You are between 18 and 30 years old (criterium considered to be changed into an age range between 18 and 35 years old).

3) You have not lived in Indonesia for more than 6 months in the past 10 years (criterium considered to be left out).

4) You have never received a Darmasiswa Scholarship, student exchange (to Indonesia) or a BN (criterium considered to be left out).

Please note that the competition is also open for participants who don’t have a Dutch nationality.


In order to register, you can apply first via this registration form. You will then receive further instructions for your application, which includes a motivation in 10 lines, written in Bahasa Indonesia.

You will be asked to provide us with the script of your speech at least before June 4.  

Be aware of the deadline! The deadline for registration is May 31. Also go here to view all guidelines for the Speaking Competition.

If you are curious about the experiences on the Speaking Competition and the trip by last year’s winners, check their stories here. Also you can read our interview with one of the winners in 2016 here.

If you would like to attend the Speaking Competition as part of the audience please let us know through and we will add your name to the waiting list, as priority is first given to the participants’ own supporters (family and friends).

Speaking Competition 2018