Azie Carrousel Pubquiz on Indonesia

On Wednesday 29 of June the first INYS Pub quiz took place in Café Pavlov in the Hague, hosted together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department Asia Oceania. During this networking event, the 60 participants were challenged to answer tough questions about Indonesia. The questions varied from history, politics and business to culinary, culture and pop culture. Like the question why the movie ‘Negeri van Oranje’ became such a success in the Netherlands? Or which fruit is used for its pain killing remedy?

The evening started with a few opening words from respectively Dr. Peter Potman, Director of DAO and His Excellency I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja. With great enthusiasm they also participated in the Pub quiz and unfortunately did not manage to win the first price but it was a close call. Asia Business Watcher Matthijs van den Broek performed as the MC a great role to elaborate on the questions and created a great atmosphere.

The participants, all working in different fields, coming from business, diplomatic or other backgrounds, formed groups and in ten teams they participated with great enthusiasm and used their differences in expertise to answer the questions. In the breaks there was time for socializing and networking, while enjoying Indonesian music.

Three teams ended at the first place but after another challenging question, the team ‘Sembilan Naga’ won the first price: coffee from Kopi Dua! Afterwards there was time for more socializing, networking and even breaking the fasting in Café Pavlov.

The INYS looks back to a great event, where expanding knowledge and network were at the core of the Pub quiz and we were happy with the big interest in Indonesia.

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