Official INYS Launch

Dear Friends,

On 19 October 2013, we successfully launched the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS), a youth-led organization which aims to better connect young Dutch and Indonesians to each other and to Indonesia-related opportunities. The INYS shares the same vision as the “Indonesia Nederland Society” and is supported by the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which shows us that both governments see and understand the importance of the youth within international relations.

With the introduction of the INYS, a platform is created where young Dutch can mingle with young Indonesians and corporations that focus on Indonesia. By assisting young Dutch and Indonesians in developing their network and getting them in touch with the professionals in their fields, a society is created that will benefit the long-term relationship between our two nations.

The young Dutch and Indonesians of today are the ones who will have to keep our relationship running in the future, which is why the INYS has been established. After all: “The young Dutch and Indonesians of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.

The launch of the INYS was the relatively easy part. Our challenge now lies within the realization of our goals. Within five years we aim to become the central source of knowledge on Dutch- and Indonesia-related educational matters, extra-curricular, and career information for young Dutch and Indonesians in the Netherlands. Along the way we hope to inform the Dutch public about the developments and opportunities in Indonesia. I have no doubt this will be a challenging task for us to achieve but I am convinced that together we can accomplish this.

Rennie Roos

President of the INYS

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