Internships & Volunteering

There are a wide range of internship and volunteer opportunities, which can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture and to build your personal and professional development. Here, we’ve listed some relevant programs and resources as a starting point for those interested.

  • If you’re interested in finding out about ad-hoc volunteer and internship postings, Indonesian NGOs frequently advertise positions at the Idealist website. Idealist allows users to subscribe to a mailing list that can be used to provide an alert that relevant positions have been posted on their website.
  • Postings of volunteer opportunities in Indonesia are also listed at GoAbroad is a portal through which organisations can post available positions, and postings cover a wide range of interests including conservation, teaching, and sports.
  • Volunteers for Peace is another organisation that provides volunteers with an opportunity to participate in projects in Indonesia. Volunteers are required to pay a registration fee, although Volunteers for Peace state that this covers accommodation and food throughout the project.