INYS-Indonesia 2015-2016 Board Position: Vice-Chair

Title: Vice Chair – INYS-Indonesia Executive Board
Organisation: Indonesia Nederland Youth Society

As a vice chair you are part of the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society Executive Board in Indonesia. All board members and additional volunteers of INYS perform their activities on a voluntary basis.

The Executive Board:

The board is responsible for the day-to-day management of INYS. The board gets together for meetings on a regular basis to discuss current affairs and future ideas and events. Since INYS is a youth led organization all board members are encouraged to give input on development opportunities for INYS to grow as an organization. All decisions within the board are made democratically.

Main responsibilities as an executive board member:
• Attend board meetings
• Attend events hosted by INYS
• Attend events hosted by partners of INYS
• Perform your assigned duties in an orderly manner on time

Vice Chair

As vice chair you are part of the executive board. Part of your main tasks are to:

• maintain contact with external parties
• be up to date with all the information the chairperson has
• replace the chairperson when necessary
• collaborate and keep in contact with Dutch counterparts on their activities
• perform duties within the scope of your position but also perform other tasks when INYS organizes large scale events.

Approximate time spent on this position is 10 hours per week, which varies depending on whether or not an event is coming up.