INYS-Nederland Speaking Competition

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With pride the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS) Nederland announces its next event: ‘The INYS Speaking Competition’. This event will be hosted by the INYS in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy in the Hague. During the ‘Speaking Competition’ we will visit Leiden university in the Netherlands. The ‘College Tour’ will end with a grande finale of the speaking competition in Amsterdam (June 25,2015).

The Speech competition will consist of a registration round with initial selection, four semi-finals, and one grand Finale. There will be two categories, one for Dutch and international students and one for Indonesia students in the Netherlands. Participants will be enrolled in either one of two categories. The Finale will be held during an event in June 2015, and will provide two winners. The winners of each category will win a once in a lifetime cultural experience!

Registration and initial selection

For the first registration process you are asked to write a 10 line motivation on why you want to participate. This motivation must be written in your participating language (English or Bahasa Indonesia for Dutch, English or Dutch for Indonesian). Besides that you are asked to post  your motivation in a video (1.5 minutes) on social media (youtube) through a link. The link to the video can be submitted during the registration process. Those 10 are asked to complete a first version of their written speech (criteria are provided by INYS) and invited for the semi-final in Leiden.

Not sure how to upload a video to YouTube? Click here for a how-to video.

You can register for the first round here.

Registration for Groningen, Wageningen, and Tilburg has been closed. Due to unforseen circumstances the events have been canceled. Registrations will be contacted by us.

Registration for Leiden closes on may 30, by midnight.

NOTE: Participants are expected to be in the Netherlands in may through june. The competition is only open to students and young professional living in the Netherlands.


There will be a first round for all the candidates who are selected from the registration round. All the participants that proceed to the semi-finals will be assigned to a city nearby. During the semi-finals the judges select the four best candidates that will proceed to the national finale. These first rounds can be combined with a seminar/presentation of an interesting external speaker in order to attract more audience. The speech in the semi-finals will cover the topic of ‘Indonesia-Nederland connectedness’.


The speech workshops are provided by the INYS and enable the 8 final candidates that have proceeded to the finale to improve and complete their final version of their speech for the grand finale. A workshop will be organized at the Indonesian Embassy in the Hague. Important notice: attendance during the workshop is compulsory! Professional speechwriters will provide the finalists with information on knowhow of writing a speech.


The finale will be held in Amsterdam (June 25, 2015). The remaining 8 candidates will over and over perform their speech.

The Winner in the Dutch category will get the exclusive opportunity to attend the flag ceremony in celebration of the Indonesian Independance day on august 17th at the presidential palace in Jakarta.

The price for the winner in the Indonesian category will be announced soon.

Certain terms & conditions do apply. You can find more on the terms of agreement here.

For questions or extra information send us an email on: