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There are many possibilities to learn Dutch in The Netherlands.Here are some options:


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Full Degrees

Leiden University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dutch Studies; Most Dutch-speakers live in the Netherlands and Flanders – the northern part of Belgium – but Dutch is also spoken in Surinam, on Aruba and the rest of The Netherlands Antilles. Furthermore, Afrikaans, one of the official languages of South Africa, which is spoken by some six million people, is closely related to Dutch. During your study you not only learn Dutch, but you also study the language to gain insight into its structure and development. Did you know, for example, that such words as ‘cookie’ and ‘boss’ originate from Dutch? As a student of Dutch Studies, you are not just concerned with the language. In the course of the programme you will also be studying the visual arts of the Low Lands. You will examine Dutch literature, linguists and (art) history. You will acquire all the skills necessary to obtain a full understanding of Dutch culture and society.
  • Master of Arts in Dutch Studies; The Master’s programme in Neerlandistiek / Dutch Studies welcomes both Dutch and international students. It is a broad multi-disciplinary programme that stretches from the Middle Ages to the present day. The programme content covers all regions of the world where Dutch language and culture play or have played a role, and is placed in an international and interdisciplinary context. You can conduct research on your favourite author or on translated literature, study changes in the Dutch language, investigate argumentative and rhetorical aspects of language use, or make a more in-depth study of the history and art history of the Low Countries.

Utrecht University

  • Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Culture: Education and Communication; In the master Dutch language and culture: education and communication you gather thorough and in-depth knowledge of Dutch language and culture. You will also learn how you can bring knowledge and insights into educational practice. You will be trained to teach the teacher and to link theory to practice. This program is especially interesting for student who pursue a career in international and bilingual education. This track is called BITEP. This two-year program is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and IVLOS (teacher training center). In the first year you will learn the fundamentals of teaching and you focus on acquiring knowledge in the Dutch language and culture. In the second year you will be taking educational courses at the IVLOS. You will attend teacher training courses and learn about different learning and teaching methods. There is a strong link between theory and practice, because you run multiple internships at various high schools.


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