INYS Language Buddy Program

We know it can be hard to learn a new language. Which is why we introduce our Language Buddy Program. The idea is to connect young Dutch and Indonesians to each other in order to learn from each other. By filling in the following form, we will connect you to your Indonesian or Dutch buddy but it is up to yourself to make the most of the program. With this program we hope to stimulate cultural exchange, understanding and new friendships between the youth of Indonesia and the Netherlands.

The program is absolutely free of charge because we believe the INYS should be accessible for anyone who is interested. However, we do accept and appreciate donations. Our bank account is ING: 6154928 (IBAN: NL18 INGB 0006 1549 28) If you indicate that you would like to make a donation, you will receive an extra email from our Treasurer with more details.

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