Learn Indonesian


There are many possibilities  to learn Indonesian. Here are some options:




Leiden University

  • Bachelor of Arts in South and Southeast Asian Studies; Leiden is the only place in the Netherlands where you can study the languages and cultures of South and Southeast Asia at an academic level. With this extensive study programme you will learn about the many interesting and special aspects of this broad region. You can also specialise in the parts of the region that interest you most. Leiden has experts in almost all disciplines, whether you are interested in language, culture, art, religion, philosophy, law, history or politics. In this programme you can study the region as a whole or opt to make a more in-depth exploration of a single region: Indonesia or India and Tibet.
  • Master of Arts in Asian Studies; The Southeast Asia specialisation is specifically intended for students interested in one or more aspects of Southeast Asia, such as history, literature, art and art history, media and cultural studies, religious studies, philosophy or philology. Expertise in Leiden is concentrated on Indonesia, but also covers the other Southeast Asian countries.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor in Trade Management Asia; Trade Management for Asia prepares you to do business with Asian countries in a variety of fields such as import/export, logistics, marketing and communication, and human resource management.The study programme Trade Management for Asia (TMA) prepares you for key positions in international trade, with a focus on Asia.




Sekolah Indonesia Nederland

  • Indonesian Language CourseThe curriculum, syllabus and teaching materials are composed in accordance with the level of participants’ language competences related to the themes such as the beauties of Indonesian nuances, images, cultures, dignities for example the natural beauty, tourism, cultural heritage, history, flora and fauna diversities, ethnicities, local languages, traditional art, culture and costumes, democracy, etc. all of which are presented contextually, fun, and parallel with the participants’ intellectual development.


  • Multiple local universities in the Netherlands provide individuals the opportunity to study Bahasa Indonesia. Please visit the site of your local ‘volksuniversiteit’ to see whether they provide classes in Bahasa Indonesia.




  • Private tutoring is probably one of the ‘better-value’ approaches to Indonesian language learning: it has the advantage of one-on-one attention and the convenience of choosing the times that suit you. Nevertheless, many students miss the interaction and shared experience you’ll find in a class setting. Prices for private tutoring vary dramatically, ranging from €15-€80 an hour. If you are interested in private tutoring please contact us.




Alam Bahasa

  • Alam Bahasa started their Indonesian language course as Puri Indonesian Language Plus in April 1995. In a homelike atmosphere they welcomed every student to be part of our Indonesian family, accompanied them to practice Indonesian language and touch the culture. Puri (literally means a palace) referred to a beautiful house whose homelike atmosphere accommodated the language learning processin family hospitality.The ‘house’ has rapidly developed into a real “education center” since then. They have become a multi language center where foreigners can learn Indonesian language as well as its culture and local language in the homelike atmosphere, and where Indonesian nationals can learn foreign languages in the same atmosphere. They are moving fast with their business which is not just limited to the language training but also culture and traveling.

Wisma Bahasa

  • Wisma Bahasa has locations in Yogyakarta and Jakarta, both offering private lessons and small classes of up to four people. They’ve had over 29 years of experience, offering seven levels of instruction in both Indonesian and Javanese.They also run an Immersion Program, an intense 5 or 10-day program that is aimed at intermediate Indonesian speakers and have a vocational use of Indonesian.

Sekolah Bahasa Realia

  • Bahasa Realia is located in Yogjakarta, Central Java, and offers private lessons as well as small classes. There are three study options: non-intensive (flexible and at an hourly rate), short intensive (30 hours of tuition) and general-intensive (up to 60 hours of tuition). The intensive options include homestays, airport transfers, discounted hourly rate and cultural trips.

Cinta Bahasa

  • Cinta Bahasa, located in Campuhan-Sanggingan in Ubud, provides small, group classes for a maximum of 6 students. The beginners’ course is 40 hrs of Indonesian language instruction and the pre-intermediate course is 20hrs. Private Indonesian language classes are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers of Indonesian, with a minimum of 20 hrs of tuition per month. Cinta Bahasa also offer a discounted rate at Sunny Blow Cottages for students looking for accommodation near the Cinta Bahasa school.