Traditional Indonesian music workshop by: Sirkus Barock

Traditional Indonesian music workshop by: Sirkus Barock

You are hereby invited to attend a workshop in Indonesian Traditional percussion, presented through a medium of contemporary and traditional styles by the musicians of Sirkus Barock. The workshop will explore rhythm in Indonesian musical traditions, many of which use “Interlocking techniques” where percussive patterns interlock with each other to constitute a single entity.
Sirkus Barock is in the Netherlands to perform at Melkweg, Amsterdam on Oct 22, bringing their blend of Western rock, string ensemble and traditional percussion to the Netherlands for the first time.
The workshop is produced and organised by Kuasa Network along with Yayasan Anak Pagi, in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague,

This Indonesian traditional music workshop program is an attempt to introduce Indonesian traditional musical instruments. On this occasion, Sirkus Barock will introduce and demonstrate the art of percussion using Rebana Kuntulan (tamborine) a traditional instrument from Banyuwangi,EastJava.

The workshops explore the history and philosophy of the instrument and explain the role of the instruments in local traditions, as well as giving instruction on the instrument and on playing various meters and rhythmic patterns. Examples of traditional music are blended with modern western musical instruments, for example diatonic –pentatonic scales.
Participants are also welcome to try and learn to play the instrument and traditional rhythm.

Date : Monday, 19 October 2015
Place : Indonesia Embassy Of The Hague
Tobias Aserlaan 8
2517KC Den Haag
Time : 17:00 – 18:30

For registration please contact
Tompel Witono

Thank you, and see you there.



Kuasa Network