19-08-2013 – The second congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID2)


At CID II we would like to stimulate Indonesian youth organisations in IDN-Countries to connect (more) with youth organisations of the local population of IDN-Countries. In Jakarta we aim to explain our mission, which is to enhance mutual understanding in the areas of culture, history, science, economics and politics on a youth level and on the basis of equality; and at the same time also hope to connect, and learn from other youth organisations. We propose to create an international platform where students and alumni of universities in IDN-countries can mingle with Indonesian scholars and corporations that focus on Indonesia. By assisting young people of IDN-countries and Indonesian students to develop their network and getting them in touch with professionals in their respective fields, we will aim to create a society that will improve the relationship between our two nations.  With the idea of connecting the creative minds of the youth, we would like to create a global event, which will aid Indonesia in their ongoing development and also improve the relationship between Indonesia and other IDN-countries.