Buka Puasa Bareng INYS – Break fasting together with INYS

INYS BukBerMarhaban ya Ramadhan! The expression of welcoming the blessed and glorious month for Muslims friends called Ramadhan. During the month of Ramadhan, Muslims are motivated to fast, meaning not to consume any drinks and food. In Indonesia, this month is recognized in the whole country, with non-Muslim citizens showing their respect and at most times even joining the festive meal at sunset.

Therefore, on July 4, 2015, INYS celebrated the moment where the Muslims end their fasting together with INYS members. This event took place in Coffee Legit coffee and resto – Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. As is done by most of communities in Indonesia, both Muslims and non-Muslims citizens appreciate the togetherness of waiting for the moment to break the fasting and enjoy a meal. This is seen as one of the most memorable moments during Ramadhan. INYS took this opportunity to get closer to INYS friends or members who have faithfully supported INYS from the very beginning.

It was a casual and fun moment while everyone started to talk to each other, introduce themselves or even share about their experience while study in The Netherlands. The restaurant started to serve Kolak Pisang, and then everyone ordered their main course – all Indonesian traditional food and beverages including Indonesian favorite coffee from national coffee beans.

After all, INYS wish you happy fasting until the day of celebration!

Last Night, 4th of July 2015, INYS mengundang sahabat di Jakarta untuk buka puasa bersama utuk mempererat rasa…

Posted by Indonesia Nederland Youth Society on zaterdag 4 juli 2015