INYS Presents: Indonesia 2030

Indonesia 2030: New Economy and The New Generation

Creating Social Impact Through New Businesses

Indonesia as an emerging market, the economic integration in ASEAN and rapid technological development has caused a rise in GDP per capita. These developments offer opportunities and challenges for the young generation. According to the statistics, young people are dominating the country (60% of the youth is <30)[1] and they are, generally seen, healthier, better educated, more urbanized, have better access to knowledge and are more connected with the rest of the world.

At the same time social and economic development are developing differently if we compare urban and rural areas in Indonesia. Educational and career opportunities differ and so do socioeconomic (and environmental) challenges. While experts are calling for an inclusive and sustainable growth, the young come up with disruptive solutions. New start-ups challenge the status quo of the country and its economic and social system. Start-ups create solutions for LOCAL urban and rural challenges.

What will this mean for the future of Indonesia? How to create sustainble growth in a country where urbanization and motorization is a big issue?

Through lectures we will explore the above mentioned.

☆ Archipelago Economy of 2030:
How to look at Indonesia Socio-Economic Development?
Professor Henri de Groot, VU

☆ Innovation, Disruptive forces and Start-ups in Indonesia
How to make sense of disruptive innovation?

☆ Building a Smart City
How to make sense of the future and sustainable growth?
Rianne Valkenburg, TU Eindhoven

Aftere these lectures there will be a break out session. We will create scenarios: on sustainable Indonesia 2030

Please registrate as there are limited chairs!

VU Amsterdam
Boelelaan 1105 (Room HG06A00) (6th floor!!)
19.00 – 22.00

P.s. The follow up of this seminar will be a real Business Challenge in 2017! We will invite students and young professionals to come up with a business idea how to make social impact.

You can pitch and we help you accelerate!