30-10-15 – INYS & IDN-NL Autumn Drink in The Hague

INYS & IDN-NL Drink 30-10-15

On October 30th, 2015, INYS-Nederland organized the fifth INYS Social Drink in Netherlands. At Restaurant Luden around 30 people, both Dutch and Indonesian, attended and actively blended in this event.

The idea behind the INYS Social Drink is to connect young Dutch and Indonesians to each other in a informal way. We believe our fifth social drink successfully reached that goal, which is why we are already looking forward to organize the next drink.

Do you want to meet new people and expand your network? Are you a Dutch or Indonesian student, a young professional, a Indonesia Alumni or just someone with an interest in Indonesia and the Netherlands, then keep in touch and join us at the next INYS Social Drink in Netherlands!

Thank you all for coming. We hope to see you again at the 6th INYS Social Drink in the Netherlands!

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