19-07-2013 – Maaike van Milt: Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship 2013 in Bali

Maaike van Milt1Update from Dutch student Maaike van Milt who currently is representing The Netherlands in the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship in Bali.

“On June 5th 2013, 70 people from all over the world flew to Jakarta for The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship on offer from the Indonesian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the Scholarship is to teach the participants Indonesian arts, in five different arts centers across the country. As one of the recipients I was placed in Sanggar Seni Semarandana Munggu, Bali together with 11 other participants from i.a. Bulgaria, Suriname, Korea, Spain and Fiji. We have been here for more than a month now, and so far it has been an amazing experience. We have been introduced to the Balinese culture by practicing Balinese dance, gamelan and Bahasa Indonesia. Of course, with being in Bali we also explored the different temples, beaches, bars! We will be staying for another 1 and 1/2 month in Bali before we leave this beautiful island to go to Surabaya for the big performance called Indonesia Channel, held mid-September. Our first official performance in Bali will be around the 15th of August and of course we would love to see you there! Dates TBC. Sampai Jumpa!”

Maaike van Milt, Bali

Maaike van Milt