Negeri van Oranje

The INYS proudly presents the screening of Negeri van Oranje together with Mata Hari Media! This initiative has been set up by Mata Hari Media because the company believes that Indonesian films should have an international platform. Especially those that have been produced outside of Indonesia.

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Photos by Joris Maas Visuals

This event was hosted by the Azië Carroussel, a sub-division of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Azië Carroussel focuses on bringing people together through events such as these. Another partner of this evening was the Indonesian Embassy. They were represented by Pak Bambang Hari Wibisono.

I was super excited to watch Negeri van Oranje because I heard a lot of great things from my friends and family in Indonesia. Through the INYS grapevine I heard it was going to be screened for the first time on the 12th of July in The Hague. There is no doubt that the film has a cult status, it was sold out within ONE HOUR!

In short, it’s an Indonesian rom-com following five students on their exchange in the Netherlands. It shows how living abroad affects your life, and what I loved most about the movie, is that it showcased different levels of love and understanding within a group of people. Personally I liked this aspect of the film because it shows you the deeper levels of human connection and interaction in a light hearted way.

It was the perfect feel good movie!

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