Peazmakerz to perform at INYS launch in Indonesia!

YPIlsplashpageWe are proud to announce that the Peazmakerz will be performing at our official launch in Indonesia!

The Peazmakerz Indonesia Foundation is a non profit organization where, they guide and help the youth to become a better person, trough performing arts and sports.

This world is not getting any better if we don’t do something about it especially this young generation and the generations to come. Most of our generation are into drugs, pornography, violence and has no respect anymore for people around them. They are broken, broken home, depressed, stressed and a lot of them don’t know how to get out of the situation that they are in. And most of the time its not their fault  for the things that’s going on in their lives but their environment and the people around them who make who they are. Rarely there’s an environment or an community who can motivate and help them how to become a better them in a way that they understand.

Through performing arts & sports ,we Peazmakerz want to fight for the ones who can’t fight their own battle, help them, motivate them and remind them that this world is a beautiful place only if you want to. We believe that if we want to become a better person we need to practice the characters of love, hope, faith, peace, caring and everything that is good that we already know because God seeded a heart/love in every one of us. Peazmakerz is not just a crew it’s a character that can grow inside all of us. (Source: Peazmakerz Indonesia Foundation)

Register now through and watch the live performance of the Peazmakerz at our official Launch!

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