15-10-2013 – LeineRoebana to perform at INYS Launch!

© LeineRoebana

Ghost Track is back in Europe for the second season! Last season Ghost Track set fire to audiences in both Netherlands and Indonesia. LeineRoebana Dance Company with 5 dancers from Holland collaborated with 3 dancers and 7 musicians from Indonesia and the notably renowned composer Iwan Gunawan. His energetic gamelan music is played live by ensemble Kyai Fatahillah.

The performance witnesses the wealth and creativity that is released when two cultures enter a profound dialogue and merge into the unknown. Preceding a tour in Europe in September/December 2013, Ghost Track has been invited this Spring to festivals in Innsbruck and Oldenburg.

We have the honor to have LeineRoebana Dance Company as the opening act of our official launch event on October 19th 2013! For more information about LeineRoebana please visit their website.