Breakfast session: Remote working in times of Corona (free webinar)

In collaboration with the Indo Business Club, INYS will organise the second edition of a series of webinars. The webinars will cover various topics concerning business as well as leisure. Sometimes the webinars will be in Dutch, sometimes in English. For this session, we will host a breakfast session in English on on the topic of ‘Remote working’ by Rebecca Leppard and Misty Diansharira from Communication for Change.

By now, we have all gotten familiar with the concept of working from home. Where going to the office might become the exception, full-time working from home seems to become the new normal. This requires a different kind of discipline and demands a lot from our home situation. To achieve the efficiency and productivity we need, we need to adapt to current conditions. However, this comes with its own challenges: What qualities do you need to effectively work from home? How do you create a culture of accountability within your team? How do you virtually bond with your colleagues?

With special expertise in: branding, advertising, and marketing; Rebecca Leppard and Misty Diansharira  will provide us with valuable insights on the challenges of remote working and how to address them. At the end of the session there will be room for questions.

About Communication for Change

The company has been found by professional marketing communication veterans, Communication for Change (C4C) is a communication consultancy which ensures that reformasi in Indonesia will never be an unfinished one. With special expertise in branding, advertising, and marketing, Rebecca and Misty will provide us with valuable insights on the challenges of remote working and how to address them. 

About the webinar: Remote Working

What: Breakfast Session remote Working in times of Corona

When: Tuesday 19 May 2020 at 8 – 9 AM (CET)

How: Webinar via Zoom

Cost: Free

Max. number of participants: 80

Language: English 

Please register: 

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About the speakers:

Rebecca Leppard, general manager of Communication for Change, is a public relations pro because she has been in the industry for 14 years. In one lifetime, she has moved house more than a dozen times. Why? Because every time she changed jobs, she also moved closer to her office. Cutting down commuting helped her move up the corporate ladder much quicker than her colleagues. She was an account director by 26. Now the mother of three has been working remotely since 2018.

Misty Diansharira divides her time between her two homes in Jakarta and Amsterdam. As a marketing and communication consultant she co-founded Communication for Change and Sigi Indonesia. Simultaneously she developed her passion for the non-profit sector. Assembling remote teams and enabling mobile collaborations have always been normal for her, and she debunks the assumption that the productivity of remote workers is below par compared to office commuters.