Podcast – Message from Indonesia by Lotte Troost

Lotte Troost is 23 years old and posseses a Bachelor in South and Southeast Asian studies and a Master in Contemporary Asian studies. She obtained her bachelor at the University of Leiden and her Master at the University of Amsterdam. She has a huge passion for this beautiful archipelago and strives to strengthen the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Just as INYS!

She has already lived in Indonesia a couple of times: in Yogyakarta (2016), Balikpapan (East Kalimantan, 2018) and Bandung (2019 – 2020). Currently she is taking part of the Darmasiswa Scholarship Program at Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung.

Besides her studie she enjoys making podcasts and articles about Indonesia. Her most recent podcast is named ‘Message from Indonesia’ where she discusses cultural differences she encountered during her visit in Indonesia.

A fragment of the podcast: ‘ Indonesia. An enormous country with 270 million people, 17.000 different islands, more than 700 different languages and with the most booming economy of Southeast Asia. No surprise that every day new interesting stories can be found to talk about. In my podcasts I will update you about the culture, society and politics of this fascinating country. ‘ Selamat mendengar”, “enjoy listening”!